Hey there, I am Ramyaa Narayanan, a food / product photographer, food stylist and recipe developer based in Bay Area, California.
As a home cook and a mother of two wonderful girls, I enjoy cooking and creating special moments with my daughters. Photography started as a creative outlet in an attempt to capture these recipes and memories for my blog amomscookbook, but it quickly turned into a deep passion.
Visual storytelling and minimalism are my two favorite ways to showcase vibrant and beautiful food and product. The thrill of finding that best angle and the unique story drives me.  If you don’t find me either behind the camera creating or thinking/styling my next set, you will find me post-processing my images. 
If you are looking to tell a tactile story of your Product/Food or want to create a compelling frame, I can help.  
Drop me a note here or connect with me on social media for enquiries.
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